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Course Series Overview

"Grandfather spoke again, saying, "Trying to live a spiritual life in modern society is the most difficult path one can walk. It is a path of pain, of isolation, and of shaken faith, but that is the only way that our Vision can become reality. Thus the true Quest in life is to live the philosophy of the Earth within the confines of man. There is no church or temple we need to seek peace, for ours are the temples of the wilderness. There are no spiritual leaders, for our hearts and the Creator are our only leaders. Our numbers are scattered; few speak our language or understand the things that we live. Thus we walk this path alone, for each Vision, each Quest, is unique unto the individual. But we must walk within society or our Vision dies, for a man not living his Vision is living death."

-- The Quest

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Philosophy 1

Course Description

One of the most important questions asked by a student is what they can do with the teaching they receive at the Tracker School — especially from the Philosophy classes. In the past Tom has let each student follow their heart and decide for themselves what they want to do, and how to go about living their Vision in a real and powerful way. However, over the years Tom has come to realize that many of his students are still not truly living the philosophy and visions that they have, and are in desperate need of direction. This class is designed to do just that — to point a direction and teach how to achieve that Vision. You will learn how to better clarify and intensify your Vision, and develop clearly defined steps that will help you to fulfill your highest missions and goals in life, while also doing work that will help to heal the Earth.